Sunday, January 17, 2016

DTM Top 30 in 30 Day 14- Gregg Flaherty, Property Inspections

Gregg Flaherty is who we call for a home inspection if buying a house, condo or building. I have known Gregg and used his inspection services for over 15 years. He has had his own company since 2009. Gregg always gets the inspection report out to us the next day and is available to go over it even 3 years later. He is not an alarmist but a solution provider; however, sometimes the solutions are beyond the budget of the buyers. If you are purchasing a property it is always good to give Gregg a call and schedule an appointment. It is better to know about the property before the substantial investment is made. He can be reached at 415.606.6206 or e-mail him at

Gregg I Flaherty

Flaherty Building Inspections


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