Sunday, January 10, 2016

DTM Top 30 in 30 Day 9- Commercial Lender Paul Simmons, CEO- First Federal Savings & Loan

Paul Simmons, the Chief Executive Officer of First Federal Savings and Loan is our go-to for apartment building and commercial loans. The loan decisions are made locally and all loans are serviced locally, too. Paul has helped several of our clients quickly and easily obtain financing for their investment properties. Paul has been with First Federal for 45 years and every property we have discussed, he knows and has most-likely lent on it in the past, if not have the current loan on it. He is a great resource, well connected in the community and various non-profit organizations. It is best to reach Paul or his Credit Administrator, Wendy, directly on the phone where you will always have a real person answer. 415.456.6231. If you are thinking about purchasing or refinancing an apartment building or commercial property, we would call Paul first.

Paul Simmons, CEO

Wendy Simeone, CA

First Federal Savings and Loan

1030 Third St.

San Rafael, CA 94901


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